John Fitzpatrick
Engineer of the Future

My background

I earned my degree at Stevens Institute of Technology, studying in "Systems Planning and Management". The curriculum was heavily weighted towards engineering, with courses in Math, Physics, and Chemistry, yet was well-rounded and included history and literature each semester.

My early career was with Morris County Savings Bank, where I helped them incorporate PCs into their IT infrastructure. I and a small team introduced bank employees to PCs, basic applications, and data processing concepts. We lead the way with the concept of "Information Specialists" who knew the business domain and learned the technical aspects of data management. We connected PCs to PCs with early networks and PCs to minicomputers and mainframes for the efficient transfer of data.

I worked at UPS in the capacity of programmer/analyst, team lead, version control administrator, and buildmaster.

My experience with these projects gives me insight in analysis, development, system administration, and project management.

I am a generalist who can pull together different technologies for effective solutions. Comfortable with Microsoft technologies and open source tools, I can build solutions with either -- or with both.

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